Gender equality reaches the digital world of Emojis

 2 Aug 2017

As a sign of the times, gender equality and diversity is coming to the digital world of emojis.  ​

Soon standard male emojis reflecting everyday work occupations will be interchangeable with female emojis.  This will mean users can select female emojis of doctors, engineers, mechanics, athletes, teachers, and loads more.
The Unicode Consortium decides global standards for emoji.  They advised that 33 existing characters would be altered to allow smartphone users to select either male or female genders.  This comes after criticisms that while diversity and gender equality are encouraged at work and school, emojis were almost exclusively male.
Also coming soon are 11 new emoji showing men and women working as chefs, farmers and computer programmers as well as diverse ethnic profiles.
C&D Group is an equal opportunities employer and promotes diversity in employment. Successful candidates will be selected solely on their ability to carry out the duties of the post.


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