Pay Rate Increase Takes Effect April 1st 2017

 29 Mar 2017

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) and National Living Wage (NLW) rates increase from this Saturday as recently announced in the Spring Budget.      
The minimum wage rate differs according to your age and year of apprenticeship.
What is the National Minimum and National Living Wage?
These are the minimum pay rates all employees in the UK are entitled to by law and are reviewed and changed annually, with the change usually taking effect in April.  The National Minimum Wage is payable to all workers from school leaving age up to 24 years old.
The National Living Wage is applicable to employees of 25 years of age and older and was introduced in 2015 and took effect in April 2016.  The rate is paid to both part-time and full-time workers.  The NLW is an enforced wage supplement to top up the income of many of the country’s lowest paid workers.
C&D is delighted to work with so many clients who have opted to pay all our temporary employees, regardless of age, the National Living Wage.
The NLW should not be confused with the recommended pay rates presented by The Living Wage Foundation, an independent charity organisation that campaigns for a ‘fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work’.  3,000 UK employers are accredited Living Wage employers and subscribe to paying the figures quoted by The Living Wage Foundation and include some of C&D Group’s clients viz. Nationwide Building Society, Good Energy and Excalibur Communications.
The current rates (2016/2017)
Apprentices:    £3.40 per hour
Under 18:        £4.00 per hour
18 – 20:           £5.55 per hour
21 – 24:           £6.95 per hour
25 and older:   £7.20 per hour
The new rates effective 1 April 2017
Apprentices:    £3.50 per hour
Under 18:        £4.05 per hour
18 – 20:           £5.60 per hour
21 – 24:           £7.05 per hour
25 and older:   £7.50 per hour
Apprentices’ rates are applied as follows:
If they are under 19 years or older than 19 and within the 1st year of apprenticeship they are paid £3.50 per hour (Effective 1 April 2017).
Those 19 years or older and in their 2nd year of apprenticeship or more are entitled to the National Minimum wage applicable to their age. provides a nifty National Minimum Wage and Living Wage calculator for workers if they’d like to double check that they are getting paid the correct NMW or NLW.
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