A perfect result gives ‘massive boost’ to WHSmith

 6 Dec 2010

Earlier this year C&D secured funding for WHSmithtemporary workers to receive training to improve their English skills, where English was not their first language.

The ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) course was arranged in partnership with C&D Group, WHSmith and Cirencester College and has been a complete success, with a perfect 100% pass rate.

Funding for the course was provided by the European Social Fund (ESF) - set up to improve employment opportunities throughout the European Union, and so help raise standards of living. The Fund aims to help people fulfil their true potential by giving them better skills and better job prospects.

The course was held onsite over a 14 week period, with tutor Irina Phillips working around the students’ required working hours. Weekly classes for the group of multinational students were tailored to individual skill levels after initial assessment and then developed around each student’s requirements.

Having all passed the course, the students were presented with their certificates on Monday.

“This is a massive boost to our business,” said John Sanders, a Section Manager at WHSmith. “It enables me to utilise their skills more effectively than ever before. Being multi-lingual these staff are particularly invaluable when it comes to helping train others as I am now confident that we are able to convey all critical process and health & safety information to others with lesser English speaking skills.”

For more information about the European Social Funding (ESF) please go to www.esf.gov.uk


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