C&D Welcomes Karolina Tadych

 7 Jul 2015

May of this year saw Karolina Tadych join our Contracts Team at our Swindon Head Office.  This year has been especially busy for C&D due in part to the number of new clients with whom we have secured recruitment contracts.  Karolina joined as the pace began to quicken and immediately made herself invaluable, quickly learning the ropes and pitching in to provide the exceptional client service C&D is known for.

That Karolina was able to so quickly find her feet is no doubt due to her excellent credentials and experience in the hospitality industry.  In her capacity as manager, Karolina assisted the HR department of Hilton Worldwide with recruitment and staffing issues. Moving into catering recruitment was a natural progression for her.

Karolina’s experience in recruiting large volumes of temp catering staff ensured she could cross skill and so fit smoothly into the C&D Contracts Team. This team handle all our clients’ high volume temping needs regardless of sector and includes clients such as Selfridges, GillHuber and Homebase. C&D encourage and support professional development amongst staff and are especially pleased that Karolina is studying towards a Certificate in Human Resource Practice through the Charted Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) and plans to complete her level III certificate by the end of 2015.

We look forward to Karolina becoming an integral part of our company and endearing herself to our clients as she already has to all her colleagues.


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