5 things you should always do before your job interview

 18 Sep 2017

Guest post by Laura Slingo, Digital Copywriter at CV-Library:   Congratulations! You made it past the gatekeeper and you landed yourself an interview.   You never get a second chance to make a fir... read more

5 steps to fall in love with your job again

 24 Aug 2017

If you are not enjoying your job, you are not alone.  An estimated 1 in 4 UK employees is unhappy at work.  Reasons for this include discontent over salaries, advancement opportunities, poor work-life... read more

Making and saving money for your 2018 GAP year

 24 Aug 2017

The plans are coming together for your long-awaited GAP year and you want to start squirrelling away as much money as possible for your trip.  We’ve made a list of some of the ways you can swell tha... read more

Which are the best countries for expats to work in?

 21 Aug 2017

Are you thinking about stretching your boundaries and heading abroad to work?  The HSBC Expat Explorer survey of almost 27,000 expats in 190 countries will give you some good insights into how differe... read more

Popular sectors with young women looking for careers

 11 Aug 2017

A poll of Adzuna candidates has revealed the most sought-after jobs among women in the UK   Public sector 28 percent of women sought careers in the public sector including becoming doctors, nurs... read more


Gender equality reaches the digital world of Emojis

 2 Aug 2017

As a sign of the times, gender equality and diversity is coming to the digital world of emojis.   ​ Soon standard male emojis reflecting everyday work occupations will be interchangeable with female ... read more

Alex Baker of Abingdon United Women's FC Receives C&D Group Sponsorship

 26 Jul 2017

Alex Baker of Abingdon United Women's FC Received C&D Group Sponsorship   C&D are delighted to be able to support Alex Baker’s 2017/18 football season with a sponsorship covering her training fees, ... read more

Employers forced to offer more for skilled candidates

 20 Jul 2017

UK employers are being forced to pay more to recruit candidates with top skill sets.   The ongoing skills shortage is compelling UK employers to increase salaries to attract new employees and retain... read more

How to register with C&D for optimum job results

 12 Jun 2017

How to register online for the best matching job search results   Looking for a new job can be a full-time occupation in itself.  We understand you have a lot of things already keeping you busy.  Re... read more

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