What to do after your interview

To land a great job you will be ready to go the extra mile to make a positive impression.  This means setting jobs alerts, rewriting your CV a dozen times and reviewing behavioural questions.  There is also the follow-through.  Any great golfer or netball player will tell you that it is the follow through that makes a good shot great.
This is also true when trying to get a job offer for the ideal next role in your career.  So, what is the follow through?  In short, it is how your respond after the interview.
A thank you email
Send a short thank you to your interviewer within a day of the interview.  The advantage of doing this is you will set yourself apart from applicants who do not. 
A thoughtful thank you email can genuinely boost your rating with the hiring manager, showing them your politeness, thoughtfulness and attention to detail as well as interest.
Keep it brief and on topic, perhaps expressing your continued interest in the role.
Always send your thank you email via the recruiter who will gladly pass it on.
Interview feedback
Professional recruiters will always ask you for feedback on the interview.  Begin to consider your interview feedback as soon as the interview is over.  It is possible you can get a better idea of what to expect next in the interview process and get an edge on other short-listed applicants.
Continue to be positive about the vacancy even if you think you could have done better at the interview.
Discuss the questions or comments that challenged you and very often the recruiter will give you a glimpse into the mind of the interviewer.
Ask the recruiter to give their interpretation of how they think the interview went and ask them what to expect next.
Chase a decision
The length of the hiring process has reached a record 27.9 days in the UK.  This can be hard to accept if you are enthusiastic about the new role or prone to impatience.  Give the interviewer 10 days’ grace after the interview before sending a polite enquiry regarding the status of the role and confirming you are still available for consideration.
Accept rejection
Realistically you will receive rejections and how you handle these can be crucial.
Professional recruitment consultants will always call personally to inform you of a decision not to offer you the role.  In this way, they can break the news as well as give you the reasoning behind the decision.  This feedback can be a bitter pill, but do not shoot the messenger.
In today’s market, top job seekers are hard to source and even harder to entice with offers, so accept the rejection politely and reconfirm that you are available if the situation changes.  Admittedly it is a small chance, but it is possible that the interviewer’s first choice applicant declines the offer.  If you have made it to final interviews, you may be on a very short list and find yourself answering a surprise call.
Accept an offer
Always a great position to be in of course.  Also, it is a good time to keep a firm grip on your emotions.
Express your thanks and delight before asking what the terms of the offer are.  This will all be verbal at this point and involve the deal-makers or breakers such as salary, holidays, health insurance and car as well as any other specific conditions you previously discussed.
Take notes and then let the interviewer know when you will call back to confirm.  There is no need to accept an offer, even tentatively on the phone, before you’ve had time to consider it in full.
In summary, the best way to manage the follow-up to interviews is to remain entirely professional.  This way you ensure that you remain in control and should new opportunities become available, you have the reassurance that your conduct was always professional.
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