Will your social media profile land you your next job?

Social media has a growing role in the way you search for jobs and put yourself in front of the right employers.  In marketing terms, your social media profile is your personal brand.  It is your personal brand that employers are examining when weighing up applicants.
Here are some ways you can use social media to create your brand and set yourself up to get noticed by the right employers.
Create the right profile
A positive profile is an essential, be it your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.  By a positive profile, we mean being yourself and putting forward your best work.
If you’re a welder, do you have images of work you have done and projects you have completed?  Images are a good start, videos even better.
The same applies to any other trade, vocation and profession.
Be seen by your ideal employer
You want to be seen by the right employers.  If you are seen by them regularly they will start to take notice and form an opinion of you and your work.
How does this get you a job with them?  If your profile, work output and quality match their requirements, they are going to recognise this and associate you with someone they can work with, that will fit the company profile.
Steps you can take include following their company account and following or even ‘friending’ individuals in the company.  Therefore, when selecting the social media platform you will use, keep in mind which platforms are used by these employers.
Put yourself out there with contributions that reflect your interpretation of your industry or profession.  These can be as straightforward as comments on how things are done and can be improved, or more detailed observations.  A good way to establish credibility is by providing helpful answers to questions in groups. 
Blogging is not dead.  Would you be able to maintain a blog on your speciality?  If so, this can be a very powerful instrument to gain credibility in your field.  Sales, driving, engineering or recruitment – blogs can cover a very wide range of careers and become widely read especially when shared on your social media profile.
Know the market
Keep track of the vacancies being posted in your field and the companies posting them.  Like anything, the more you know about these vacancies, the better you’ll be able to react to them and assess the opportunity for what it is. 
Register for job alerts with a recruitment chatbot, a specialist recruiter and job boards in your field.  By following specialist job groups on social media, you not only get seen, but you see new vacancies as they are posted.
Keep it up
This is not an overnight ploy.  Using social media to establish your work credibility is an ongoing project.
It is not necessary to spend hours Liking and Haha-ing every post on social media.  Use your time sparingly and keep time on social media in check.  30 minutes a week to upload a photo, make some comments and post an article will keep your profile fresh.
Top Platforms
Business social media platform LinkedIn is an obvious choice and has some handy features to enable you to create an almost CV-like profile including portfolios of work, videos and blog-like posts. 
Facebook has some large specialist groups you could join to connect on and contribute to.  You can also create a dedicated page profiling your skills or even start your own group.
Other platforms that could be used include; Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter.
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