Signs you need to change jobs this spring

With the days warming up and the sun rising earlier every day, spring will soon be here.  As always, the need to spring clean will see lofts cleared, garages emptied and gardens trimmed.  It is also a good time to reflect on your current job and if you are actually happy in your role.
Remaining in the same job for decades is an outdated concept more fitting in a museum than in the workplace of 2017.  Modern employees are more inclined to actively move to a new role or employer in search of improved prospects, skills development and colleague compatibility than ever before.
What then are the signs that you should actively be seeking a new job?
Signs it is time for a change of job
You are comfortable in everything you do at work with occasional slight challenges that are more tedious than exciting.  This is a sure sign that you need a more stimulating role, that will challenge you and require you to upskill.
Look for a role that will stretch your capabilities and challenge you to bring your best to the job.  No more yawning on the job or clock-watching.  You will feel more alive and your work days will fly as you become absorbed work that engages you.  You’ll have fun again.
You are busy with loads of things all day and every day.  You never finish what you are doing and nothing happens.  It’s all mock-crisis after mock-mayhem.  Yet nothing ever changes.
Jobs like this leech your spirit because you are in a role that will never change and your ability to implement changes is blocked by the company culture and management.
This is your wake-up call and you are better than this kind of job.  Put your skills into a company that appreciates what you bring to the job and who will treat your contributions with the respect they deserve.
Company culture
“People don’t leave their jobs, they leave their managers.” This is a generalisation as there are many reasons for changing employers.  If you are in a job where your efforts are unappreciated or rejected and your management structure does nothing to change, then it is up to you to make a change.
Take a step back to give your own management an unbiased assessment and if you see an excessive top-down or erratic management style, consider upping sticks.  There are numerous top employers that really do manage their staff well and support their contributions.  You would be much better off in such a company culture.
Constructive feedback is a vital aspect of developing in your role and improving your skills.  Regardless of how gifted you are, you need input from others to allow you to recognise where you are perhaps off target, or where you need a course change. 
This feedback should be a collaboration that allows you to play to your strengths within your team.  In an ideal collaborative team approach the old adage, “the sum of the parts is greater than the whole”.
If the feedback and team collaboration are poor or missing altogether, your performance and development are being compromised.  Look for an employer that is committed to, and implements, a strong collaborative approach within teams.
Strength of purpose
Your role is great as are your colleagues and management.  There are challenges and projects enough.  Still, there does not seem to be any vision for you to follow.  Is there a purpose to what you are doing?  Do you find yourself asking why you are doing what you do?  Perhaps it’s time to consider not just a change of role, but of career. 
A sense of purpose is a powerful incentive and is encoded into our DNA it seems.   People following a strong sense of purpose are proven to be more resilient to critical illness and premature death.  Right there you have a good incentive to rethink your current role if you feel you have a sense of purpose that is not being fulfilled.
If you feel that you could be better off in a new role, but feel anxious about changing roles, our recruitment specialists are professional consultants and can assist you in every aspect of the job search and application to offer acceptance.
We recognise that It can be a challenge to uproot yourself from where you have grown into a too-comfortable role, however, the benefits can be massive and include a greater sense of self-worth, financial rewards, improved performance and a better work-life balance to name a few.
Unemployment in the UK is at its lowest since the seventies meaning it is an ideal time to look for a more suitable role.  Companies in every sector are struggling to fill unskilled, semi-skilled and professional vacancies and are increasing salaries to attract new employees.
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