Thinking about a move from temporary to permanent employment?


If you have been doing temporary work and find yourself wanting a more permanent job setting, our experts have some great advice for you. 
Deliver Excellence
At times employers have the good fortune to take on a temporary worker that is such a perfect fit for their company that they absolutely don’t want to see them go.  The worker fits in so well, delivers excellence and show enormous potential.  They may decide that it would be in their interests to create a vacancy for that temporary worker and offer them a permanent role.  That is the opportunity you create through always delivering excellence.
Internal Vacancies
Consider a role within the company where you are currently working as a temporary worker.  Are there any current permanent vacancies or plans to hire soon?  If there are roles suitable, you have the advantage that your attributes and skills will be well known to your line management.
Previous Employers
Which of your previous temporary assignments suited you and offered potential.  There are usually always one or two companies that stand out. Applying for roles in companies where you are known as a great worker and someone that fits into the team is smart thinking.
Reach Out
Let your team leader know of your ambition.  Let your previous team leaders know and let your agency know.  The more people you have helping, the quicker you will land an interview and then an offer.
Train and upskill yourself
See If you can get training on a different section of the production line, or learn a different machine or get a certification on some software your company uses.  Skills are never wasted because at the very least they demonstrate that you are ambitious and prepared to learn.
Moving from temporary jobs to a permanent job can be a very positive move for you, allowing you to develop skills and experience specific to the work.  With a permanent employment contract, you will also be able to progress to more senior roles with greater responsibility and ideally better pay.


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