Say hired! Your guide to video interviews

More and more companies are using video to interview candidates. Large blue-chip firms are turning to video interviewing platforms such as Launchpad and Sonru to assist them in hiring permanent staff.  How do you prepare for a video interview and make a great impression?  At C&D we are committed to enhancing your job seeking experience and the following short guide will help you prepare for a video interview.
  • Loving the camera.  In order to look great and create a professional impression, the angle of your webcam is critical and ideally should be at eye level. You want the camera to point a little down at you rather than up.  For the best effect set your lens and seat so that your head and shoulders appear in the frame.
  • Lighting should be bright to get the best video quality.  The light source should shine from behind the webcam onto your face.
  • The background should be as featureless as possible, preferably a neat wall.  This will allow the interviewer to focus on you, rather than being distracted by movement or colours.
  • Dress for the camera as well as the role.  Solid clothing looks better on camera than for instance, striped or checked clothes.  It’s important to dress in such a way as to cultivate a professional impression, just as you would for a face-to-face interview.  A jacket is a great choice for both men and women who wish to convey a sense of purpose.
  • As wonderful as your pets are, do avoid allowing them airtime.  Other background noises that reduce recording quality include radios and televisions, traffic, air conditioning, even the fan on your laptop or PC.  An inexpensive microphone might be ideal if you are not able to find a suitably quiet room.  
  • Express yourself through body language and clear verbal speech.  Treat the camera as though it is a person sitting in front of you.  Make eye contact, keep your hands out of sight and lean very slightly towards the camera.
  • Finally, practice.  Get used to the software and prepare yourself by doing your own pre-recordings.  Have a partner or friend sit behind the camera and ask you questions so that you can practice answering and delivering your key points.  This will go a long way to setting you up to succeed during the real event.
Good luck and we hope all goes well in your video interview.  One last tip.  Smile!  It will help you relax and look good on camera.

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