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If you are thinking about looking for a new job, we have plenty of up-to-date advice to help you succeed.  Our advice covers everything from finding vacancies to accepting offers.
Do you need a change of career or are you looking for that next step up the ladder?  Whatever level of work you are looking for, with 20 years of recruitment experience, we can give you practical assistance.
Get access to vacancies at top employers in Swindon and across the UK through C&D Group. Our recruitment consultants will give you expert advice on finding the right roles in the right companies, interviewing and handling offers. They will be with you every step of the way in support of your career needs.

Do you want to move from temporary to permanent employment?

As a temporary worker, you might have enjoyed employment contracts that gave you the flexibility to move to new roles when it suits you.  For you, temporary roles were a perfect fit for your lifestyle.   When circumstances change, a new addition to the family, marriage or just a desire to settle, you might decide you'd rather get a permanent job.  If your CV reflects a history of temporary roles, you might wonder how to go about landing a permanent job.  Here are some tips from our experts. Read more... 


How to light up your career with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social network and a growing number of FTS100 companies are focusing their talent development efforts on the platform.  Top employers have recognised they need to promote their opportunities where skilled professionals and the upwardly mobile are networking.  Read more...


Say hired! Your guide to video interviews

You've seen your ideal job advertised and have applied.  Now they want you to do a video interview?  We've got you covered.  Our specialist recruiters have put together the following golden advice to help you nail that job.



What are the implications of getting a company car with your new job?

As great as this perk is, there are implications that will affect you financially.  Be sure you know what the company car contract involves. Our experts discuss the implications of a company car in this article. Read more...


Soft Skills, your key to a better job


More and more employers are recognising that great employees have more than just the core skills they learned at college or university.  Soft skills are now widely given the recognition they deserve and for those with the right soft skills, there are no limits to what they can do with their career. Recognise and make the most of your own soft skills.


Up-to-date interview advice

Just like everything else, interview trends and habits change over time.  If you are preparing for an upcoming interview, then you are already off to a good start by reading this.  While it is true there are a lot of unfilled vacancies across the UK, competition is nevertheless stiff, especially further up the career ladder.  The following advice is designed to help you make the most of your interview.  Read more...


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What to do after your interview


The interview is over and you are more certain than ever that you want that job.  What more can you do to tip the balance in your favour?

This week, C&D Group's professional recruitment consultants offer excellent advice on steps you should take after the interview.



How to use recruitment agencies to find great jobs

Agencies such as accredited Swindon recruitment agency, C&D Group, work with top UK employers to make new jobs available to job seekers.

See how to establish excellent relationships with professional recruitment consultants at agencies to get access to top vacancies and professional advice.  Read more...


Job seeker interview with CV

How to Explain Employment Gaps on Your CV

How you treat gaps in your employment history when applying for a new role can have a big impact on your success.

If you have a large gap or gaps in your employment career that you are unsure of how to explain, then the following advice on how to approach a job application and interview will give you a lot more confidence.



5 Job Hunting Tips That Will Set You Apart

With the realisation of just how many vacancies are available, many at higher salaries, there are a growing number of people interested in finding a new job.  Add to this the 2017 crop of graduates and there will soon be more competition for the choice jobs in companies renowned for excellent working conditions and pay.
Our 5 job hunting tips will help you find the best jobs and make an impression even before the interview.



Use social media to land your next job

Finding your next job might be a little different to what you are used to.  In this article, we examine how you can use social media as a dream-catcher - well in this case - a dream-job-catcher.
Social media has a growing part to play in the employment process and you can use it to your advantage.




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Signs you need to change your job

If you have been wondering if you should be looking for a different role or even applying for jobs with a new employer, the following resource will help.
There are some very definite signals that perhaps it is time for you to find a more suitable job.  Changing jobs can be a very positive event, leading to a better work-life balance, better company benefits and brighter opportunities. 


The secret to overcoming barriers

Barriers are as unique as our individual minds which is unsurprising as they are the result of our perception of circumstances.
That doesn't quite help us overcome these intrusions into our quest for fame and riches - or more generally some happiness and security. There is more to overcoming barriers than being creative and having focused goals.


How to land that sought after

Office Administration role

The lowly Office Administration job can be a real ugly duckling that transforms into a role that launches a wonderful career.
Office Administration is the cornerstone of good business practice and is recognised as a vital business function.  Good administrators can build a very rewarding career and rise to senior management positions.  As recruiters that fill Office Administration roles for top UK employers, we are able to offer you advice on securing a role in Office Administration.


First stage telephone interviews are a golden opportunity to make a strong impression on the hiring company.
With the right preparation, anybody can give a good account of themselves in a telephone interview.  Here are the key elements to preparing for your upcoming telephone interview




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