How to use recruitment agencies to access great jobs

Finding a job can be challenging, especially for inexperienced job seekers and those returning to work from long absences.  Finding a great job can be even more difficult, but then it is worth it to find a job that you will enjoy.
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There are all kinds of ways to get hired. You might go direct to employers if they are open to this approach.  You could get a referral from a friend that works at a company.  You might be headhunted (in a good way) by a specialist talent finder.
Many job seekers register with, and apply for vacancies, through recruitment agencies.  If you have registered with C&D or another top recruitment agency the following will help you to get the most out of your relationship with the agency.
Clear Requirements
Let our recruitment consultants know what roles you are best suited for.  Tell them how far you wish to commute and if you have a car, driver’s license and what salary you are looking for.  These are the minimum details we need along with your CV.
CV Advice
Is your CV up-to-date?  A current CV held on our secure system database will help our Recruitment Consultants to match you to suitable jobs as soon as they arrive on our desk.  Need a CV template and advice on writing your CV?  Read more…
Job Alerts
Subscribe to our job alerts.  You’ll receive weekly job updates so you never miss an opportunity to apply for great jobs from top employers.  Subscribe Now
Keep in Touch
We’re always keen to hear from you and share your successes.  How is your new job?  Did you get that promotion?  You bought a new guitar and dyed your hair black!  It is great to stay in touch and makes it easier to quickly help you if your career needs change.
We look forward to hearing from you and doing the best for you in the future.  Right now we are recruiting for a wide variety of roles across Swindon, Wiltshire and the UK.  It is a good time to be looking for a new job as salaries are climbing and employers are keen to hear from job seekers.
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Personal Details
What else?  Keep us informed of changes to your personal details, especially email and contact number changes.  This way, you can be sure that we won’t miss matching you to a great job your brand-new certification could land you.  Log in to your account at
Stay Updated
Keep an eye on our social media channels and follow our news updates.  We don’t swamp you with irrelevant job advertisements and spam, instead, we provide you with solid advice on how to do land great jobs.
Visit our website regularly and browse the helpful resources there such as Job Seeker Advice where you will find plenty of information on everything from CV writing to how to accept a job offer.
We’re not afraid to ask questions because that is how we know match you with jobs that suit you.  In fact, we’d love to get to know you better and if you have just a minute to complete the following survey, we’d be off to a great start together… survey link
The key point is that by developing a professional relationship with a selected recruitment agency, you can access their client base and selected jobs that best suit your skills and experience.  The foundation of a professional relationship with a recruitment consultant will always be open communication and mutual respect.
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