How to land that sought after Office Administration job

Targeting a role in office administration is a good first step on what can be a diverse and interesting career for you.
Office administration roles require some necessary soft skills and abilities.  With these, you can secure a role in a wide variety of companies.  If you target a company that commits to developing the careers of their staff, you can learn many more valuable skills and go very far in just about any commercial setting.
What are the key soft skills and abilities then that you need?
Office administration requires people that communicate well and enjoy working in teams.  You should also have a good grasp of numbers, grammar and MS Office.
These are the basic skills required for most office administration work.  If you have these or are prepared to upskill and gain these skills, you are off to a good start.  What more can you do?
1. Know the big employers in your area
Knowing who the big employers are is going to help you narrow your search for a job.  There are usually a handful of big companies in every town and city that employ many office administrators.  Big employers are usually finance, insurance, logistics, and healthcare.
2. Modify your CV
Update your CV to focus on your office administration skills.  Include keywords that highlight your office and IT skills and experience i.e. MS Office, MS Excel, Powerpoint. 
Likewise, show your personality in terms of team-based roles you have had or how you have had to communicate at different levels and on different channels.
3. LinkedIn
A LinkedIn profile is almost a default requirement now to getting noticed.  Create one if you don’t have.  We have lots of advice on using LinkedIn to boost your career…
4. Include a cover letter with your application
When applying for Office Administration roles it is a good idea to include a short cover letter about why you have applied for the particular vacancy and what you bring to the role in particular.
5. Computer Literacy
This is the digital age and degrees of computer literacy are required for almost all jobs.  Office Administration roles involve a high level of digital ability.  Be honest about your abilities from MS Office to Mail Merging and Customer Relationship Management.  Show that you have an open an enquiring mindset is essential where your skills might not be as extensive as other applicants.
Understanding the role and the employer's company culture will go a long way to helping you make a good impression when applying for Office Administration roles.  C&D work with a number of top UK employers in bringing Office Administration roles to job seekers.  Our recruiters will always discuss the role in detail with you and encourage you to ask as many questions about the company and job as you have.
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