How to Explain Employment Gaps on Your CV

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Many job seekers dread explaining gaps in their employment history.  Some avoid mentioning periods of unemployment and others fudge the dates they were unemployed.  While periods of unemployment might make Job Seekers look riskier, there are ways to manage this.  Our recruitment experts recommend you approach gaps in your employment record as follows.
Recruiters and employers do not focus on periods of unemployment.  Rather, they’ll recognise the pattern of long and medium term roles you have held.  Everybody understands downsizing and redundancy, career changes and contract terminations.  So be open and honest about periods of unemployment from the outset.
Make it clear on your CV why you were unemployed and be accurate with the dates.  Recruiters and employers will notice discrepancies in dates and alarms will ring if there is no immediate explanation.  You want your CV to have all the bells and whistles without tripping alarms.
Offer the necessary details explaining the gap/s and keep explanations positive.  There are so many reasons people find themselves out of work.  People take breaks to move home, build their own home or even write a book.  If you were made redundant or let go, be open about this and be prepared to discuss it confidently with the employer.
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Where possible, turn the reason for any gaps into positive developments in your life.  You may have learned new skills, developed new strengths or met influential new contacts.  Include these developments.  Likewise, if you were let go or made redundant.  Every circumstance is a chance to learn and gain new perspectives and the type of employers you want to work for will be looking for this growth attitude.
Your application for a job should be made – and considered - on the strength of your skills and experience.  Be positive and honest about the gaps in employment and above all, focus on what you can offer.  If you have any questions about completing your CV or registering for an advertised vacancy, our Specialist Recruitment Consultants are always on hand to help.

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