C&D Group CV Template

The following template provides job seekers with the basic outline for a functional CV that will enable them to apply for temporary, part-time, contract and permanent jobs.  Our professional recruitment consultants are always happy to give you advice on how to write and format an effective curriculum vitae.
Quick CV Tips
Grammar and spelling
Always get someone else to double check your spelling and grammar as they will see things that you have missed.
Experience isn’t everything.
Think about the value you can bring to a job or company by highlighting your characteristic strengths and how they will help you to do a job well.
CV length
Keep your CV short, no more than 2 pages if possible.  Use bullet points to emphasise lists and list only the most relevant experience.
Cover letter
Write a short cover letter to highlighting why you are applying for the role.
Employment history
Double check that all the dates you list are accurate.  Also, always include the job title, company and start and end dates for previous roles.
Get the employer’s attention by listing two or three life or career accomplishments just below your profile section
Hobbies and interests
Only list hobbies, interests and memberships that underscore your skills and the value you offer to the employer.
Professional profile
Write a short, punchy profile that describes your strongest characteristics, skills and experience.  Writing in first or second person are both acceptable.
Find a simple and effective CV format template on the following page.  Feel free to copy or download this template for your own use or to share with friends and colleagues.
CV Template
Curriculum Vitae of My Name
Address Line 1
Town, County, Post Code
Primary contact number | Alternative contact number
Email address
Professional profile
Write a short punchy profile that emphasises your core skills and characteristics, and the value you can bring to the prospective employer.
Key Skills
List your key core skills and examples of where and how you have used these to benefit a project, team event, previous employer, club etc.
Example:  Leadership – Being responsible for a team in two of my past jobs who were given specific weekly targets. By giving certain team members roles and enabling them to reach their full potential we could achieve that target successfully
  • Certificates
  • Degrees
  • Vocational qualifications
Work History (List work history with most recent/current role first)
Role | Employer | From date -  Till date
  • List your achievements in this role i.e. Successful Projects, Big Sales, New Systems
  • List the top tasks you did that matter to the job you’re applying for.
Additional Details
These might include driving licenses, associations, hobbies and interests.
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