5 Job Hunting Tips That Will Set You Apart

With graduates now handing in their dissertations and coming to the end of their studies, Article 50 now triggered, and because spring brings the renewed vigour of life there are many people looking about for their next job.  If you are one of these and want to make the most of the opportunity, our Specialist Recruitment Consultants have the following 5 tips to give you an edge.
This may be your first formal employment as a graduate or a vital career leap or just something that suits your changing lifestyle.  These tips apply across the board.

Contrary to many times in the recent past, there are currently many vacancies unfilled thanks to a lack of applicants.  This means that you most likely have a degree of choice as to your role, employer and even salary and perks.
This is a fantastic position to be in so don’t miss out!  Take advantage of the opportunity to at least review your marketability and assess the job vacancies available to you. 
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Improving your CV and cover letter is more than doing a spell and grammar check.  Your CV should be a snapshot of you at your best when viewed by a prospective employer.  Update it with details of projects you influenced, initiatives you took and resolutions you offered.  Your work or student career should emphasise those core and soft skills that the employer can see making a positive difference.
A good CV is always adapting to your own increased skills and experience and then modified for each role you apply for.
Job hunting and hiring is increasingly a digital exercise.  The primary hiring process remains personal and your networking efforts can make a big difference to your success.
Create your LinkedIn profile or update if you already have one.  Being seen on LinkedIn is a big positive especially if you keep your contributions positive and constructive.
Join Job Vacancy Groups for your industry on Facebook.  Employers and recruiters are all over Facebook and additionally, Facebook has a fantastic search engine for finding job vacancies.
Get a heads-up on new vacancies as soon as they are uploaded by registering for job alerts from your favourite recruitment agency, job board or even the company you want to work at.
The big advantage to hearing of vacancies first is you will have more time to carefully prepare your CV reflect you at your best for the role.  In addition, you also get a good idea of how many vacancies are out there and who is hiring.  Knowing the market for your skills is priceless.
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It’s easy to submerge yourself into the daily demands of your job and get blinded to your own needs.  Come up for air now and then and check what you can do to improve yourself.  If your company is not encouraging you to develop see tip 1: Find a role that you will enjoy!  Good employers will be interested in developing their staff. 
Employers are looking for staff that are still open to learning and developing.  Completing courses and even in-work certificates regularly, show that you value growth and improvement.
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