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C&D started as a very small business in Swindon and without the support of Swindon candidates and businesses we would not be where we are today.

Companies can have a profound effect on the community in which they are based and operate, and if locally based businesses do well, so that success filters through to the local community. Not only should it be that way in terms of employment, but also in terms of sponsorship, charity and community work undertaken by local businesses.

Over the years, C&D have supported local amateur sport at all levels, including adult and youth rugby, football, netball and darts teams. The NSPCC has always been our main charity and to date, over seven annual C&D Charity Golf Days, we have raised in excess of £30,000 to support the crucial work they do.

We have also supported David Howell’s Charity Golf Day, along with many other charity golf days, and the Clivey Project Local Run, all raising money in support of various well deserving charities.

This year we are holding local BBQ’s for all our temporary staff in every geographical area we work in - helping to cement relationships, involving their families and generally bringing about the community.

We have also been applying for government funding at all levels to help our permanent and temporary staff improve their skills and gain additional qualifications, which not only improve their career prospects, but also generates enthusiasm though renewed confidence.

Most recently, twenty-five temporary staff based at WHSmith Headquarters in Greenbridge, Swindon are attending an Improving English course.

Our Swindon Town Football Club stewards have also gained their NVQ Level II in Spectator Safety and at an awards evening held at the club to recognise their achievement, the pride on their faces as they collected their awards was very moving.

Internally, nearly all C&D members of staff are on training programmes to consistently develop their skills and ensure peak motivation.

The DWP program was set up nationally to assist newly unemployed professionals with their search for work and to give them the skills required to enable to them to help themselves back into the work place. C&D support individuals by providing action plans, advising how to rewrite CVs, working out where skills lie and where they may be able to cross skill, in interview preparation, in how to use job boards, etc.

C&D are an official supplier to the DWP during a two-year project ending April 2011, targeting this group as they are very likely to find it difficult with little experience of being made redundant.

At C&D, we believe people are your biggest asset. Do you...?

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