Chris Hornbuckle - a breath of fresh air

      Chris Hornbuckle, Senior Specialist Recruiter         


Testimonial from Paul Bickell, Senior Manager - Logistics Division, Nippon Express UK Limited

6th December 2018 

Having worked in the Warehouse and Logistics business for over 30 years, working closely with agency recruiters is a prerequisite. Having experienced varying levels of service with agencies over this period I recently invited the majority of Swindon recruiters to tender in the hope I would see a shining light in the dimness of inadequate service levels.

C&D recruitment were, and continue to be, a breath of fresh air. Not only from the the Directors but moreover from the lead recruiter Chris Hornbuckle who's dedication and commitment to service is highly professional but also personable. The constant communication levels, visits to site and even to the level of assisting with inductions during peak period as a Senior Recruiter is applaudable and a service level during this period my team are most thankful for.

What sets Chris head and shoulders above the rest is his absolute care, support and friendliness he shows to the staff he provides to our business. The tools of his trade are the staff he provides and he treats all with the due respect and kindliness I would expect every member of my team to be treated, whether that be an agency person working for one day or permanent member of staff working for ten years.

Chris is also very open to ideas, he suggests improvements and moreover he always provides the honest truth whether that be a supply or staff issue; I find this a rarity.

2018 has been a hard year Chris but one thing is most certainly for sure, my team could not have had the success without your support.

Thank you.


Paul BickellNippon Express (Uk) Ltd