What happens after you apply for a role at Nationwide Building Society?

What happens after you apply for a role at Nationwide Building Society?

 3 Jan 2018

We understand that sometimes it can be a little confusing when you apply for a job and so many questions pop up.


That is why we wanted to write this blog, to give you a full understanding of what happens after you apply for that role at Nationwide Building Society, Swindon or Northampton.


Firstly, one of our professional recruiters from here at C&D Group will review your application – we have a dedicated Nationwide Building Society team.


If we feel that your application matches what Nationwide Building Society are looking for, one of our recruiters will contact you via telephone, or email, arranging for you to come and see us at either our South Marston Headquarters or Havelock Street Recruitment Centre Swindon (Northampton applications will be discussed).


We will then meet you, ask you a few questions regarding the role and your previous experience, along with gaining an understanding of how you act and interact. This meeting will also give us an opportunity to get all the legal documents that we require from you (Right to Work, Proof of Address and Proof of NI).


We will then assess how you presented yourself and see if you have certain personality traits that are well-suited for the Nationwide Building Society ethos, and if we are happy, we will then send your details on to their internal recruitment team.  They will then look over your application and decide if you are suitable to be considered for the role.


Once we receive confirmation that they would like to consider you, we will be in touch and you will be interviewed by them.


We hope that this has given you a little insight into how we handle the process of recruiting for Nationwide Building Society and we want to make the process as easy and simple as we possibly can for you.


If you would like to apply for a Nationwide Building Society role then please see them all here


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