What does it mean to Start Your Story with Nationwide Building Society?

What does it mean to Start Your Story with Nationwide Building Society?

 18 Dec 2017

We wanted to make it clear what it means to Start Your Story with C&D Recruitment and Nationwide Building Society…

Starting Your Story doesn’t mean landing your dream job straight away. It means beginning your journey to establish a new and exciting career that will suit your personality and needs.


We selected Nationwide Building Society to run our Start Your Story campaign with as being the UK’s largest building society has allowed them to create a genuinely valuable career path for thousands of people.



Take Tyler for example…


Tyler Wilkinson "Started his Story" as a Fraud Analyst on a temporary contract at Nationwide. Just 4 months later Tyler interviewed for a role as a Financial Crime Analyst within Nationwide. He interviewed successfully and was offered the role. which he accepted.


Tyler's story shows that taking a temporary job is more than a stopgap.  A temporary role allows you to integrate yourself into the company, learn new skills and network with connected people.  A temporary role gives you the opportunity to prove that you are reliable and dependable and manage a daily workload.  In addition, a temporary job can give you much-needed confidence in your own capabilities as well as a better idea of the type of jobs that interest you.


Above all, remember that a temporary job is the “Start of Your Story” and you have many pages to write in the future!



See all the current temporary jobs available at Nationwide Building Society...




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