What personality traits does Nationwide Building Society look for in their candidates?

What personality traits does Nationwide Building Society look for in their candidates?

 11 Dec 2017

We have been working with Nationwide Building Society and assisting them in their recruitment for a number of years now.  In that time, we have come to find that certain personality traits are particularly well-suited for the Nationwide Building Society ethos.



Nationwide Building Society has an extremely diverse and inclusive workforce, therefore, it is vital that you understand how you can engage with and be involved in how the business operates.



Both inside the workplace and in the local community, you will need to show how you can support your fellow workers and the local community.  Nationwide workers last year alone spent over 19,000 hours volunteering on community projects.

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You must understand that Nationwide want to listen to what their staff have to say, therefore you must be able to communicate your ideas with Nationwide Building Society.



Nationwide Building Society makes its decisions as a business which is underpinned by core values of decency, fairness, and dependability. Therefore, it is vital that their staff members ensure that they are fair to other workers and customers alike.


A reliable workforce will help with motivation among the team, it will also ensure that everyone works collaboratively and that it is a happier place to work.


These are just some personality traits that our recruiters have noticed that Nationwide looks for in their workforce.


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I’ve got customer service skills, excellent communication skills, good in taking responisblities
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