Making and saving money for your 2018 GAP year

Making and saving money for your 2018 GAP year

 24 Aug 2017

The plans are coming together for your long-awaited GAP year and you want to start squirrelling away as much money as possible for your trip.  We’ve made a list of some of the ways you can swell that all important GAP Year Fund or GAPFY.

Allocate a strict allowance
Put a limit on your spending and stick to it.  Budget what you need to live on per week and put the rest away.  Don’t be so strict that you deprive yourself entirely.  You do have to live after all.
Resist all temptations to dip into the precious and most sacrosanct GAPYF
Bank savings account
If you don’t trust yourself with the GAPYF, then open a special savings account and move your saving into that where you can’t get at it easily with an ATM card when you’re out on the town or shopping with friends.  Shop around using one of the ‘compare’ sites for a suitable savings account.
Kick a bad habit or two
Do you have any vices where you spoil yourself?  Could you cut back your spending here and pop some of that savings into your GAPYF?
Those take-away coffees cost a fortune and so do pizzas!  Get the ready-to-bake pizzas from the supermarket for a tenth of the price. 
Look out for the reduced goods isle and work out what day and time this is restocked.  You could save loads on your food bill by doing this.
Memberships and Cards
Do you really need that gym membership?  Could you save money at the movies with a card?
There are plenty of options if you are willing to make the effort.  It’s the sum total of lots of little saving that will really surprise you and inflate that GAPYF.
Plan and book your tickets early
When you have the money saved, book your tickets wherever you can provided, you get great discounts for early bookings.  This is a great incentive as well as it is a tangible result of all your scrimping working and saving.
Can you lift-share rather than buy a car?  Once you’ve got a car, it’s a real pain to revert to car-less, but it’s doable provided your community has a half-decent public transport system or you can score lifts with workmates and friends.
Get a bicycle if you don’t mind pedalling around a bit.  You’ll be fitter for it when you take that GAP year and your friends will be green with envy.
Spend nights In
It’s surprising how much fun you can have staying home with your friends.  On the weekends avoid the usual culprits like the high street, shopping malls and even fayres.  If you desperately need some retail therapy, try the thrift shops and boot sales. 
Find an ongoing temporary job
There are temping jobs and there are temping jobs.  Look for a temp role that gives you option to work loads of extra hours wherever you can.  This will quickly add up in your GAPYF.  An additional bonus of working is that while you are working you aren’t shopping.
Types of jobs you can usually land without experience are in hospitality (hotels, restaurants etc), distribution and fulfilment centres, retail centres, fast food businesses.


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