5 steps to fall in love with your job again

5 steps to fall in love with your job again

 24 Aug 2017

If you are not enjoying your job, you are not alone.  An estimated 1 in 4 UK employees is unhappy at work.  Reasons for this include discontent over salaries, advancement opportunities, poor work-life balance, management and even boredom.
Unless you have plans to find another job or change of career, there are steps you might take to improve your current work situation.  If you had the option to change your current role into a more interesting and fulfilling job, one in which you could make use your best skill sets, would you?
Finding a job in the middle of 2017 is far less challenging than it was between 2009 and 2013 at the height of the recession.  Most people, even unskilled temporary workers, have an element of choice now when they take a job as there are so many unfilled vacancies thanks to our low unemployment rate.
For those that are unhappy in their current job while at least being in the right industry, it may be more practical than you think to take charge of your workplace destiny.
Take these steps to gain more control over your job.
Positive Feedback and Ideas
Positivity is the polish that makes things shine and it is infectious.  Offer positive feedback wherever possible and even where there are clear challenges, keep the feedback positive.  There are always ways to overcome obstacles and your positive and constructive feedback may be exactly what is needed.  Taking ownership of solutions and being given accountability for rolling them out will give you a great sense of fulfilment.
Take on different projects
Take ownership for the types of projects you enjoy and have the skills to exceed at.  Your proactivity might raise a few eyebrows initially, but persistently taking such projects on, even if they are not in your job description, will grow your reputation as the person to go to for that role.
Put your name forward for those key projects and follow through with great delivery. 
If you lack the necessary skill set to manage initially, then upskill through training, studying or mentoring.  If you enjoy it, you will find a way.
Prove yourself to management
Let management know your intent and prove your capability to them by taking on new responsibilities.  Develop your professional relationship with management by always delivering and reinforcing your reputation for growth and reliability.
Remember doing is proving.
Be open to the latest ways and ideas
If you expect others to see you in a new light then be open to different views, to coming up with solutions, and to progressive new processes.
Connect with thought-leaders in your industry.  Follow groups that discuss your job, career, and sector and learn to contribute and even publish your own posts.
Work to an objective
Identify the next level up from where you are.  This might be anything that elevates your experience.  Things like leadership, key projects, new title or even better salary could all be your next level up.
These are also the things that give you a sense of fulfilment and importantly where you feel you are getting the recognition your work deserves. 
Target the next level up and work toward it strategically.  This will give you more purpose and ultimately the reward of the next level as well.


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