Which are the best countries for expats to work in?

Which are the best countries for expats to work in?

 21 Aug 2017

Are you thinking about stretching your boundaries and heading abroad to work?  The HSBC Expat Explorer survey of almost 27,000 expats in 190 countries will give you some good insights into how different countries rank.
According to the most recent survey, these are the top 10 countries for expats to live and work in.  Factors considered included; employment benefits, pay, career progression and work-life balance.
10. Bahrain
65% of expats working in Bahrain receive an annual allowance to contribute to the cost of trips home.
9. United Kingdom
This is the UK's first appearance on the list and expats in Britain are among the most likely to pick up new skills compared to their country of origin (64%) and progress their career (62%)."
8. Hong Kong
Hong Kong doesn’t score well on the work-life balance factor, but 68% of expats said there were excellent opportunities for to advance their careers.
7. Austria
Another 1st appearance on the top 10 list, Austria rates highly for work-life balance — 71% of respondents highlighted this as a benefit — and work culture.
6. Singapore
62% of expats indicate that Singapore is a great place to progress their careers and 53% felt a greater sense of job satisfaction despite a drop in living standards.
5. Norway
Norway, yet another newcomer to the list, offered expats the biggest improvement in their work-life balance, with 87% of respondents citing this.
4. United Arab Emirates
56% of expats receive an accommodation allowance in the UAE, according to HSBC, and 75% receive health benefits.
3. Sweden
71% of expats working in Sweden agree the work culture is an improvement compared with their home country.
2. Germany
Want to acquire new skills?  Then Germany is the best destination for you and this economic giant also offers job security and career progression, according to HSBC with 70% of expats suggesting job security is better than their home country.
1. Switzerland
For the second year in a row, Switzerland has ranked the best all-round destination for expats. Offering the best earning prospects with a good work-life balance and an outstanding work culture.
That 6 of the 10 top-rated countries are in Europe, says a lot for the potential for developing a lucrative career right here.  It makes a perfect stepping-stone for those that would like to expand their horizons and establish their careers away from home. 
Source: HSBC via UK Business Insider
See and tailor the report to suit your circumstances at https://www.expatexplorer.hsbc.com/survey/


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