Do the results of the June election threaten your job?

Do the results of the June election threaten your job?

 12 Jun 2017

After what has seemed like a lifetime of political posturing and non-stop campaigning the snap election called by Teresa May final took place last week.  The result, a real body-blow to the conservative Tory party, has serious implications for the economy, business and ultimately our job security.
The primary business-related outcome is that the Brexit negotiations may be compromised by delays.  Another outcome is that the business sector, which hates uncertainty, will suffer as UK politicians shuffle for alliances and generally fail to steer the country on positive course.
With increasing pressure on the pound, it is likely that there will be some contraction in demand for employees.  This will no-doubt start with existing or proposed vacancies being put on hold.  The worst-case scenario is that there will redundancies directly attributable to the result of the snap-election. UK companies challenged by the fall in the value of the value of the pound will lead with changes to their hiring plans and redundancies.
On the positive side, there is still strong demand for employees across a wide range of skills and unemployment is still low at 4.6% (Office for National Statistics).  This gives employees some options and a little breathing room.
You may feel your job is under threat or you would like to secure a better role in a company with strong prospects despite the economic uncertainty.  If so, there are still many open job vacancies in Swindon and across the UK.  Many of these jobs are with larger companies (including many of C&D’s clients) who are committed to creating new vacancies and employing staff throughout 2017/2018.
Tips to help you prepare to find a new job
Dust off your CV and update it – Top CV Tips
You are going to need an updated CV sooner or later so this is a good first step. 
Register for job alerts – How to Register
This will give you a better idea of the employment market in your field of expertise.
Apply for suitable roles – Job Search
Try land a few interviews to re-establish your skills at taking and asking questions.
Update you Social Media Profile – Our Tips
An updated social media profile is a must in today’s digital employment market
For more helpful advice on finding a new job, see C&D’s library of advice for job seekers – Job Seeker Resources.
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