How to get the most out of your local job fair

How to get the most out of your local job fair

 20 Feb 2017

Job fairs can be a very useful way for you to make good contacts with employers and recruiters.  You have the chance to meet with companies that are looking for new staff and speak to them face to face.  

Here are our experts’ tips to making the most of your visit to a job fair.

Start with a checklist

  • Make copies of your CV, art portfolio etc.
  • Pack a pen and notebook.
  • Save a digital version of CV or portfolio on your phone.
  • Make a shortlist of the company stands you want to visit at all costs.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask.

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How to introduce yourself

Approach confidently and introduce yourself clearly and with a good handshake.  Have your CV to hand and ask if they would like to take one for their records.  They may prefer a digital copy, so email this to them from your phone.

Ask good questions

You might want to know how long staff stay in entry positions, what on-job training is available or just what a day on the job is like.  Or, you could ask about the company mission, how they feel about the environment and what they are doing in the local community.  These things can tell you a lot about the company and if you would fit into that company’s culture.

Make contacts

Make a point of forging new contacts.  Names are easy to forget so get their business cards.  Register for follow up calls and ask for any relevant company brochures.  Follow up with your new contacts after the event.  Do this within 2 days of the event.  Call them on the phone or email them.  Create a LinkedIn account and connect with them to keep at the front of their minds.  This demonstrates your commitment to getting a job with them.

Upcoming Job and Career Events

There are several job and career fairs in the Swindon area in the next month. 

  • Thursday, 27 February.  Swindon Jobfest 2017 is at the Steam Museum
  • Wednesday, 1st March.  New College Higher Education and Employment Convention
  • Tuesday, 7 March.  Cirencester College Higher Education and Employment Convention

C&D Group will be at all three.  Come and visit us for advice about the top Swindon companies employing staff and what roles are available.  Our Recruitment Consultants can also give you pointers on the best places on social media to look out for jobs as well as answer all your questions on finding work that suits you.

If you found this advice useful or have questions about finding work that you will enjoy and do well at, please email or call us on

Tel. +44 (0) 1793 488057.

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