You’ll Know They Are the One...

You’ll Know They Are the One...

 13 Feb 2017

You’ll know they are the one when your recruiter treats you like this...

1st Date

You’re online and apply for a great job.  An auto-reply lands in your inbox a minute later.  Now what?  If your application meets the requirements for the role, you should expect to hear back from the recruiter.  This is their chance to prove to you that they take you seriously.  If the recruitment agency values their service, they will ensure that you are contacted.


Call Me

You’ve received the auto-response (which doesn’t really count) and a recruiter has emailed you.  Hang on.  You want to discuss this job.  You’ve got questions to ask, right?  Top recruiters will always call you to speak to you, answer your questions and tell you all about the vacancy.  In fact, they’ve answered all your questions and even some you didn’t think about.  You’re getting excited about this role now.

20 Questions

Whoops!  Spoke too soon because suddenly the recruiter has switched into question mode.  Don’t be surprised, all great relationships rely on a clear understanding.   Your relationship with your recruitment consultant is no different.  To understand you, your consultant (yeah, you suddenly have a consultant – and you don’t have to pay them a penny) needs to know all about you and what your dreams are.  Expect a good recruiter to ask you loads of questions.  This is them being good at their job.

Anybody Out There

The recruiter has been in touch and now the game changes.  Now it’s all wait, wait, wait.  Why?  The recruiter reports to a hiring manager – the person you’ll be working for if you land the job - if the recruiter ever calls you back.  Well, sometimes there are delays in getting responses from the company recruiting.  Sure, and a good recruiter rolls with these and will let you know.  They’ll be on the line to you every couple of days if not every day.  None of this "expect me when you hear me" nonsense.

Swipe Right

Whoa!  So soon?  Okay, you’ve had an interview, perhaps two.  Your recruiter told you loads about the interviewer.  They even explained the interview format and what the interviewer was like.  That helped you loads.  You were well prepared and it made a difference to your answers, but more importantly, you looked and sounded confident.  No wonder they proposed!  That doesn't mean the end of your new relationship with the recruiter, though.  Good recruiters will be there for you the day you accept the offer, they’ll be in touch on your first day at work and they’ll keep in touch as you settle in.

C&D Group has twenty years of experience in building lasting relationships with Job Seekers.  There are now people in management positions that started out as temporary workers at one C&D’s many top clients.  These people are now using C&D to hire the next generations of great employees.  This is because they understand and believe in the candidate journey just as C&D does.  For C&D and all our recruiters and payroll staff, the job seeker is the heart of our business.

We want you to know that a good recruitment company will value you.

•    You will be contacted quickly and professionally.

•    You will be phoned by a recruiter who will talk to you and build your trust and confidence.

•    You’ll be invited to meet them as they’ll want to understand what you want so they can be sure you are put forward for the best-suited roles.

•    You’ll be kept informed while you and they wait for a shortlist and then an interview date.

•    You’ll get their best advice and they’ll give it freely and honestly.


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