An Apprentice at the Recruitment Expo

An Apprentice at the Recruitment Expo

 8 Feb 2017

The annual Recruitment Agency Expo was held last week and C&D Group arranged for a cross-section of their recruiters to attend on both days.
The expo held in London was an immersion in the big supplier side of the recruitment sector for C&D Group’s newer staff and especially one of our apprentices who also visited.
Holly Richens began her recruitment apprenticeship with C&D Group in September 2016 and works in the Swindon Recruitment Centre.  Her working day usually involves administration, enquiries and registering job seekers for warehousing and driving work.
On Wednesday 1st February, Holly visited the Recruitment Agency Expo at the Olympia in London to get an insight into yet another level of the enormous UK recruitment sector.
Immediately, the sheer scale of the expo was an eye-opener for Holly who had never attended a trade expo, let alone one with 150 exhibitors’ stands on a single floor.  This brought home to Holly the size of the recruitment sector and the value it adds to the economy directly and indirectly.
"The value of the recruitment industry is £35.1 billion"
One of Holly’s objectives for the day was to begin gaining experience in approaching people, introducing herself and discussing recruitment and recruitment challenges and solutions with them.
Holly was a little nervous at first, but as she found her footing, her characteristic enthusiasm and confidence emerged and she was quickly in her element.
The expo also included business seminars and workshops and Holly attended two of these.  L&D: Learn how to develop your own training programme and Winning new business – the 7 steps to success.  Both seminars gave Holly a lot of new insight into the careers of professional recruiters along with a better idea of how to get from apprentice to specialist recruiter.
“I would definitely recommend that other recruitment apprentices attend events and expos like the Recruitment Agency Expo.  It’s been exciting, fun and above all given me a better idea of the size and value of the recruitment industry.”
"The recruitment industry contributes more to the economy than advertising, art and recreation and the food and beverage industry"
Matthew Hastie, C&D National Sales Director, also attended.  “The business sales, resourcing and recruiting workshops and seminars were brilliant.  The market intelligence on Brexit, the economy and the state of the recruitment profession were all well worth the trip into London. Seeing young apprentices like Holly interacting with industry colleagues and decision makers was pleasing to see and shows our profession is in good hands.”
We look forward to continuing to fuel Holly’s development as a first rate, professional recruitment consultant able to work with our clients to provide solutions to their recruitment challenges.
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