Aldi's Cardiff Distribution Centre Employing Drivers and Order Pickers

Aldi's Cardiff Distribution Centre Employing Drivers and Order Pickers

 20 Oct 2016

C&D Group, a growing recruitment business headquartered in Swindon, is increasingly winning contracts to supply professional and reliable drivers into a variety of sectors from Retail to Automotive.


Known primarily for their excellent Recruitment Process Outsourcing in warehousing and production, C&D Group has made steady progress in bringing onboard more and bigger driving contracts such as a recent contract won to supply HGV Class 1 drivers to Nissin (UK) in Swindon.


With the opening of Aldi’s Regional Distribution Centre in Cardiff, the recruitment of HGV Class 1 drivers has gone into top gear…and C&D Group has secured the contract to supply.


While many drivers have already applied for this opportunity to earn great pay rates coupled with a market-leading package, there are still vacancies to fill. C&D Group is presently conducting assessments and driver interviews to secure new drivers for these permanent driving jobs.

Greig Evenett, C&D Recruitment Centre Manager, describes why anyone looking for a really good trucking job would be interested.

“We’re offering a minimum starting salary of £10 per hour for day shift and £11.50 per hour for nights.  For that, you’ll be delivering to Aldi stores in the region.  The shorter haulage distances, regular shifts and four weeks paid holiday all make this a really desirable vacancy.”

With the increasing lack of HVG Class 1 drivers in the UK, the recruiting of drivers for the hiring market presents something of a challenge.  Owner and CEO of C&D Group, Karen Davison explains how her company is able to continue to succeed despite competition from multi-national recruitment companies.  “We believe in our staff and we believe in treating our candidates like our clients.  From the job advert onwards, we offer candidates a quality experience that offers them the respect and value they deserve.”

C&D Group continues to interview for HGV Class 1 (C+E) drivers for the vacancies in Wentloog, Cardiff.  They work hard to ensure that a final decision is made on the same day as the interview and assessment so drivers can make provision.  For queries about driving jobs in Cardiff, please contact Greig Evenett or Maggie Czernianin at C&D Group on Tel. +44 (0) 1793 488057.



Hi Do you still supply hgv1 drivers to cardiff aldi ? Im looking to work there and came upon your website. Regards Ant williams
Posted on Thursday, February 18, 2021 17:27 by Anthony williams
Im Hgv 1 Didgy card CPC and cleen driving license. Although not a lot of experience driving class 1 cos ive bin driving class 2 but im keen to work class 1 as long as its a Trunk run.i live in Newport near to Cardiff and ienjoy the physical side unloadong Lorry. Tel 07464545270
Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 20:01 by Robert smyth
I am interested in night driving jobs with Aldi Distribution Centre Cardiff could you please let me know if there is any vacancies or will be any vacancies in the future your sincerely Granville Russ
Posted on Thursday, March 02, 2017 05:30 by Granville russ

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