Getting Dressed For Success

Getting Dressed For Success

 25 Jun 2012

There is a very famous saying: "a picture paints a thousand words". And don’t we just know it in today's society...

We are attracted to magazine covers by beautiful faces, or advertising brands that portray confidence and that successful person, qualities that we all dream of having.

How you look, how warm your smile is, how you walk into a room or exude an air of supreme confidence all adds to that critical first impression.

Before you even say hello, your first impression will do exactly that: paint a thousand words of who you are to a potential employer.

How do we create that often ever-lasting first impression that will remain imprinted on someone’s mind when you attend an assessment day, interview or are chasing that lucrative promotion?

Put aside the allure and romance of being a cover model for a moment. Let’s forget the romance and consider how we could better project ourselves as successful and confident employees in a work environment.

Think work, think success and think confidence.

If you respect, admire and want your boss’s job, dress like him or her. If you want to emulate your successful colleagues, consider their dress sense, business attire, office style and mannerisms.

I once met a bank manager with chipped nail polish and immediately felt her credibility slip in my eyes. Equally, I interviewed a confident gentleman recently for a customer care advisor role. He dressed immaculately and he gave me complete confidence he would pay our customers that same high standard of care and attention to detail.

Your outfit communicates volumes about you and if you look good, you feel good, your confidence soars and before you know it you have created an enhanced version of yourself.

As we step outside of our comfort zone, so we become comfortable with the new and improved versions of ourselves.

Dress with confidence but not distraction, at all times ensuring you are remembered for all the right reasons.

Feeling smart and being comfortable in your clothes will promote your inner confidence and self-esteem, reflecting this to all those you meet and maximising your first impressions performance.

Tailoring is key, incorporating your personality with a touch of colour to smart black, grey or navy suits with strong silhouettes demonstrates professionalism.

Ensure accessories such as shoes, handbags and briefcases are complementary not loud. Shoes should be well cared for, as should your hair, with make up being natural and fingernails clean and tidy.

Equally, avoid heavy perfume, bold costume jewellery, funny ties, clothes which are too tight or too baggy, low cut tops, bare shoulders, short skirts, head-to-toe bold colour, washed out colour and most importantly nothing should be see-through.

Your potential employer should be impressed by your skills and aptitude, following that fantastic first impression you have made.

When aiming for promotion, once again dress the part, walk tall and wait for those compliments to roll in, as your confidence and career potential soar.

With the number of job applicants rising and when skills and aptitudes amongst candidates are equal, more often than not it is that great first impression that will give you the edge and ensure you stand out from the ever-growing crowd.


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