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BBC Sports Personality of the Year Show | C&D Recruitment

 19 Dec 2018

    BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards,
    England netball,
    Moredon netball,
    Wiltshire netball

C&D Group, as proud sponsors of local community netball - Moredon Netball Club - send warm congratulations to England netball for their 2 awards from the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Show - Team and Greatest Sporting Moment Awards.

An incredible performance from all players saw them beat Australia to win their first Commonwealth Games gold medal which led to the above success.  C&D Group know that playing sport is good for you physically and believe netball teaches people so much more than the sport itself.  Netball teaches skills that people can take with them into the wider world of school and work.

C&D Group's CEO, Karen Davison, can provide more details on Moredon netball and would encourage anyone interested in playing to contact her  As a long time player she will give you an insight to this great team sport.

Meanwhile C&D Group wish England every success as they look to build on their success when they host the 2019 World Cup in Liverpool in July.


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