Hadley's Journey at C&D Group | Part 2

Behind the Scenes of Recruitment | C&D Recruitment

 15 Jun 2018

So far this week I have learned so much about the “behind the scenes” factors of the company. I had the chance to see the sales process, from the procedure of recruiting company clients, to finding those perfect candidates to bring to our client's attention.  I got to experience one of the famous, annual Sales Day’s, which started off with a fun team building exercise that woke up everyone’s competitive side. Much like any sales company, there can be many challenges when it comes to increasing business. However, by keeping our spirits high, positively motivating each other throughout the day, and most of all, respecting the customer, we were able to achieve a successful outcome. It was a great experience watching one of the team members gain a new client, just seeing the excitement it brings to them, and their passion towards conquering new markets.


I also spent a good amount of time with the Marketing Executive, Edward White, who helped me gain a better understanding of the modern ways of marketing. He showed me many outlets to use for promotion and helped me discover ways to best represent myself. Ed explained the importance of building a brand from my talents and interests and sharing that brand expansively among social media sites. I also helped Edward build a brand for the new Scotland site, which Ben Wells will be managing.


Another fun opportunity I had, was being able to attend a business networking party at The Double Tree by Hilton. It was Christmas themed despite being in the middle of June, however I had a great time meeting people from other companies, whilst making ornaments and enjoying some winter themed festivities.


Last but not least, I ended off the week with a tiring, yet, refreshing opportunity to not only create a stronger relationship with an amazing company such as Excalibur, but to do something for the community as well. Along with Kim Masterman, I had the opportunity to represent C&D Group, in helping raise money for a charity by pitching in a total of 40 combined miles on an exercise bicycle, towards Excalibur’s 18,000-mile goal, providing that each mile be equal to £1. We hope to be able to attend the fundraising event again next week in hopes to give even more to the cause!  




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