Returning to C&D Group after maternity leave – Tally

Returning to C&D Group after maternity leave – Tally

 19 Apr 2018

Recently here at C&D Group we had two wonderful staff members join us back in the business from maternity leave. We are so glad to have them back in the business, and are going to find out how life is different at C&D and how they are finding their new lives as working mums.


Tally has worked with C&D on our industrial team for 5 ½ years and gave birth to little Omari-Star followed by Amiah-Skye back in October 2015 and January 2017. We asked a few questions to find out how she is now finding her new life.


How do you feel about returning to work here at C&D?

I was a little nervous at first, I suppose it was the unknown as I was going back to a different role that was based in the Recruitment Centre, not on-site like I was previously doing. I was excited about working in a new environment with new challenges and obviously, I was most excited about working with Chris Hornbuckle (Specialist Recruiter) again.


How has C&D helped you when returning to work?

I would like to say a huge thank you to Lynne (Business Support Director) and Kath (MD) who have made my return to C&D as simple as possible, giving me advice when I needed it and supporting me in terms of my rights when it comes to working. Jack (Recruitment Centre Manager) has allowed me to adjust my working hours to support family life and Chris (Specialist Recruiter) has helped me to settle in straight away.


How are you finding life as a working mother?

I have found it to be busy, but I think that is expected. I think that it hasn’t been as stressful as I was expecting, and I feel that I have found it easier than I thought it would be.


What is the one thing that has surprised you as a parent?

Getting pregnant again… It was a pleasant surprise when I found out I was pregnant after having my first child.


How do you balance work and life as a working mother?

I am so thankful for all the support that my friends and family has given me, my kids go to an amazing nursery which helps. They sleep 12 hours throughout the night which is great and I enjoy having my weekends to spend with my kids.


How has your routine changed since having a baby?

I have found that my time keeping has improved so much! No more working on Tally-Time, I think that I need to be more organised and I feel that is rubbing off in my work life also which is great.


We are glad that Tally found returning to work a simple process and that we were able to support in many aspects. 

Have you recently taken maternity or paternity leave at your place of work? Let us know in the comments how you have found the process.


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