Returning to C&D Group after maternity leave – Maggie

Returning to C&D Group after maternity leave – Maggie

 17 Apr 2018

Recently here at C&D Group we had two wonderful staff members join us back in the business from maternity leave. We are so glad to have them back in the business and are going to find out how life is different at C&D and how they are finding their new lives as working mums.


Maggie has worked with C&D on our driving team for nearly 4 years and gave birth to little Helena back in July 2017. We asked a few questions to find out how she is now finding her new life.


How do you feel about returning to work here at C&D?

I have found it difficult to leave Helena, but this is something that I was expecting to feel. I like the idea that there is going to be a routine within my life and C&D have been supportive during the transition since maternity leave.


How has C&D helped you when returning to work?

C&D have been very supportive, they have made the process simple and as easy as possible which is what I wanted. It was a simple hand over, followed by spending some time working in the office which made it easier for me returning to work.


How are you finding life as a working mother?

Initially I was worried about returning to work and leaving baby alone, but I feel that the support I have received from the team here at C&D has been amazing and I couldn’t thank them more. I have also found that I get support from our amazing clients, as they understand the situation and this has helped also.


What is the one thing that has surprised you as a parent?

Nothing really, it was very much planned. I take every day as it comes, it makes life a lot easier.


How do you balance work and life as a working mother?

If you are organised you can balance both, I find that support from my team here at C&D especially Jess has been amazing. Also support from my clients helps!


How has your routine changed since having a baby?

I have found that my focus has changed, obviously having a baby means that your priorities change. I find that the flexibility here at C&D has meant that my working life hasn’t really changed that much.


We are glad that we have been able to make the process as simple as possible for Maggie and that she is enjoying her life as a working mum and we enjoy the visits Helena pays us here at C&D.


Have you recently taken maternity or paternity leave at your place of work? Let us know in the comments how you have found the process.


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