School Closures from Friday UK - How are you Affected?

School Closures from Friday UK - How are you Affected?

 19 Mar 2020

With the news having broken yesterday that schools will close across the country from Friday, we at C&D, like many are discussing how together, we will weather the storm.  


Uncharted Waters

We too have working parents here and are supporting one another through this trying time, as best we can. However, like everyone else, we are navigating uncharted waters.


Some of us are fortunate to be able to work from home, but the question remains, how do we juggle effectively being a fulltime mum/dad, teacher, chef, employer/ employee, while keeping everyone safe and sane?


Still Recruiting 

Those of us who remain on the front line, recruiting for key workers are looking to friends and family to support, where possible. Anyone else feeling like they need an extra pair of hands right now?


How Have you been Affected?

At C&D, we would love to hear from the local community. Has this affected you? How will you your family manage during this time? Are you someone without children and have offered to look after the children of a key worker?


More Information

For more information on School closures, it’s important to talk directly to the schools your children attend – rules and regulations will vary from school to school.


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If you missed the news yesterday, please check out the BBC website for the full story:


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