Employers Guide to the EU Settlement Scheme

 28 Feb 2020

What is the EU Settlement Scheme

EU and non-EU citizens need to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme by the 30th June 2021 if they with to continue to live, study and work in the UK. It is estimated that approximately 3 million EU citizens in the UK have not yet applied for settled status either due to lack of awareness or reluctance to do so. Either way, this can have some major implications for you as a business.


How This Will Impact You


No Obligation

There is no obligation for you to inform your employees of the scheme and, similarly, there is none for your employees to tell you if they have or intend to apply for settled status. Employers have no right to ask their employees whether they intend to or not, forming a veil of uncertainty as to how heavily this will impact your workforce.

Loss of Employees

If your employees have not applied for Pre-Settled or Settled Status this will no longer entitle them to live and work in the UK. The estimated 3 Million only applies to EU citizens with no clear indication as to how many non-EU members of the public are yet to apply.


What You Can Do

C&D therefor encourages everyone to share as much information as they can about the scheme.

Social Content

We have put together an awareness campaign to inform our clients and candidates, examples of this can be found on our Facebook Page. This includes content based on psychographic profiles and nationality targeted at the most likely audience to have not applied using visually appealing content such as GIF’s and 3D depth maps.


We release information packs to our vast database of candidates and clients across the UK. These include how to guides on applying for Settled Status, posters and leaflets for clients and more.

This and Other Blogs

Creating a blog such as this or our candidate focused “What Happens if I don’t Apply for the EU Settlement Scheme” blog helps raise awareness.


Download Free Content

Here you can download social content, posters, leaflets and even a templated email. We also provide additional content you can upload or share direct from C&D as part of your awareness campaign.






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