Recruiters’ tip to improve your recruitment results

Recruiters’ tips to improve recruitment results

 16 Apr 2018

C&D Group LTD puts a lot of energy into ensuring job vacancy advertisements are compliant and effective.
These are some of our top recruiters’ tips on how to achieve the best results from your job advertisements, wherever you post them.
1. Always include a salary banding
A high percentage of candidates will simply not look at vacancies that do not include a defined salary or salary range.  Candidates will not necessarily accept ‘up to’ or ‘competitive salary’ either.
Defining the salary will enhance the vacancy advertisement and assist candidates in self-qualifying themselves for the role.
C&D Group will always list vacancies with a salary range so that our candidates have the best information available and that we can offer the widest diversity of candidates to our clients.
2. Create an eye-catching introduction
Grab the reader’s attention with enticing copy and formatting. Think of reputable newspaper headlines and how they blast the primary message – in your case – the job title, followed closely by a sub-header paragraph that briefly summarises the article – so location, salary and job type.
In this way, the initial paragraph contains the information that answers a potential candidate’s most obvious questions.
3. Consider job titles
The importance of job titles in finding the right candidates cannot be emphasised enough.  Candidates will be attuned to certain job titles that fit specific job profiles.  Using an unusual job title may cost in terms of candidates that miss your vacancy advertisement simply because they do not recognise the title.
The right title will also dissuade unqualified or inexperienced people from applying for your advertised vacancies.
4. Know your keywords
Job boards also use search engine optimisation to deliver vacancies against keyword searches.  This is the ranking of the advertisement based on their own internal algorithms and SEO will place your job vacancy higher or lower on the list. This is especially critical for employers looking to employ high volumes of candidates for temporary or unskilled roles and who are competing with other employers for limited numbers of candidates.
5. Sell opportunity
Attracting top talent is the primary objective when advertising your job vacancies. This is best achieved by writing an advertisement that sells the role and the company.  What is the employee value proposition other than a job and salary? Let readers know the most enticing reasons why someone with the experience you need, but working elsewhere, should consider and apply for your advertised vacancy.
At C&D Group Ltd, we are innovative with technology building on a solid foundation of good recruitment practice to deliver results to candidates and clients, matching the very best jobs to the very best candidates.
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