Facebook Jobs: Make Your Application Stand Out

Facebook Jobs: Make Your Application Stand Out | C&D Recruitment

 1 Oct 2019

What’s the Difference?

The similarities between a regular application on a jobsite and through Facebook Jobs are vast – it is the subtle differences and limitations which will allow you to succeed.

Facebook Jobs does not currently allow for an “about” section or let you list your hobbies and interests. The reason behind this may be because this information is already accessible on your personal profile and in a lot more detail opposed to a few lines on your CV.


If your profile is set to private and you have chosen set your profile to Private, you may be affecting a recruiter or employer from qualifying you as a potential candidate for the role.

About You

Your “about” section on Facebook is the missing “bio” section which should be present at the top of your CV. This should be a punchy paragraph that describes you both personally and professionally.

Hobbies and Interests

Normally present on the bottom of your CV, your hobbies and interests are replaced with the sections in your About section including:

  • Sports
  • Music
  • Films
  • TV Programmes
  • Books
  • Apps and Games
  • Likes
  • Events
  • Groups

In order of appearance. Listing and liking the right things relevant to the career you are chasing can set you apart from other potential candidates. For example, if you are interested in a job in digital marketing and you have checked in at seminars and business events, Like and follow digital designers, enjoy documentaries on digital design and have joined relevant job board groups in your area – you are more likely to stand out!

Work and Education History

This section is included within the Facebook application – once you have applied for one they should auto-fill next time you make another application. This should be listed chronologically from your current to the oldest role and likewise for your educational history.

Gaps in Your Work History

If you have gaps in your work history, you can simply fill in the dates and information as you would with inputting another job:

Position: Change this to “Unemployed”

Where Did you Work: Set this to “Unemployed”

Description: Now describe what you were doing during this period. Don’t focus on the negatives – instead, list the experiences you gained and what you learned during this time.

Gaps in your CV can be a major red flag. Focusing on the positives and showing how you developed yourself during periods of unemployment can make you seem far more employable.

What’s Next

You’re now ready to start applying for jobs on Facebook! If you are looking for additional CV writing advice we have our free to use CV Template as well as some useful CV writing tips and tricks.





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