Applying for a Job at Nationwide Building Society | Job Seekers Checklist

Applying for a Job at Nationwide Building Society | Job Seekers Checklist

 22 Feb 2018

We have compiled this simple but effective checklist for every candidate who is looking to apply for a job at Nationwide Building Society.


You will need the following:


Up-to-date CV

Something that will be required of every job, plus it is always a good idea to update your CV about every 2 months even if you are working as you do not want to be playing catch up if you need to update your CV in a hurry.


Identification (ID)

Passport, or Full Birth Certificate with Photo ID.


Proof of address (3months)

Will need to be a Utility Bill, Government Letter or Bank Statement dated within the last 3 months.


National Insurance Number

This will need to be either NI card, P45, P60 or letter from the inland revenue.


Credit & DBS Checks

In order to work at Nationwide Building Society you must be able to pass these checks.


S.T.A.R Interview Technique

You can read a full detailed explanation of this here.


Understand Nationwide Pride values

Research Nationwide Building Society as a business


Have questions ready for the interviewer


Take a pen and paper with you to the interview


Understand as much as possible the job you are being interviewed for


You can read more about what personality traits Nationwide Building Society looks for in their candidates here.


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