Why Swindon offers professionals such potential

Why Swindon offers professionals such potential

 14 Feb 2018

Why Swindon offers professionals such potential
Located just northwest of the junction between the east-west M4 and north-south A419, Swindon is an ideal location for and has attracted many company headquarters, production facilities, logistics, and distribution centres which in turn have made the town ideal for savvy manufacturing and production concerns.
Swindon loves Entrepreneurs! We have the 8th largest increase in business stock in the UK
With its rich diversity of industry, Swindon weathers downturns with less pain than many other regions.  The diversity of big business and the ease of access to major UK centres has created the ideal milieu for start-ups, small businesses, and innovation.
3 of the top 10 companies in the entire South West originate in Swindon, more than any other city or county



The strong economy would be little without a large and equally diverse talent pool and the people of Swindon and the surrounding districts are diverse, hard-working and a significant percentage of these people are highly skilled.  Residents, regardless of their skill levels, are able to find work that suits them in the neighbourhood.  For those residents that wish to, Bristol Bath and Cardiff to the west are all within a 60-minute commute as are Reading, Slough and London to the east.
Swindon boasts the 4th lowest percentage of residents without qualifications
Life is a balance though and Swindon residents are fortunate to be able to enjoy entertainment and relaxation both in the immediate district as well as further beyond due to their easy access to neighbouring towns and cities.

Swindon is an outward-looking town with much to see in and around the town.
New and exciting developments promise even more to do including the £270m leisure led North Star complex of 1,000,000 sq. ft. comprising an indoor ski-centre, IMAX, hotel, bars, restaurants and more to be developed by Seven Capital.
Signed!  Swindon and district set to get 1,000,000 sq. ft entertainment centre
While house prices are rising in Swindon and environments around, they still offer outstanding value to buyers from major cities to the east along the M4.  This is thanks to both rental prices and house purchase prices still being significantly lower in and around the Swindon area. Out of town buyers are able to continue their careers in Swindon in a new role or simply commute.
Swindon house prices offer an excellent investment outlook with prices amongst the fastest rising in the UK
For those who are contemplating relocation or finding a new role in their career, homegrown REC accredited recruitment company, C&D Group, work with exceptional companies across Swindon and the UK to recruit top talent.
Call C&D’s Professional Services to discuss vacancies and options.
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