Advertise Salary or Wage to Ensure Successful Candidate Attraction

Advertise Salary or Wage to Ensure Successful Candidate Attraction

 24 Jan 2018

Marketing job vacancies, like anything that is worth doing, is a challenge.  One of the reasons it is challenging is because in the UK there are not enough qualified, experienced or suitable candidates to fill both the existing roles and the current vacancies.  In many sectors, specific professional skills and experience are so sought after that literally the only thing that is going to persuade candidates to change employers is the lure of more money.
Yes, there are all sorts of benefits that add to the overall attractiveness of a job offer, but the primary hook is the salary (or wage) offered.  This is the job USP – unique selling point.
Whether you are a recruiter, hiring manager or Director, do not expect any ROI if you insist on marketing roles without including a detailed Employee Value Proposition (EVP).  The type of candidates that would bring value to your company and the role have an unprecedented choice of roles and will not look beyond the first lines of our job vacancy if they do not see that primary EVP - the salary.
What else do we need to know about the role and the employer before we can effectively market and recruit for job vacancies?
  • Salary or wage.
  • Hours, shifts, flexible working opportunities, work for home policy.
  • Permanent, contract/interim or temporary position.
  • Employee benefits and perks – everything from free fruit to private medical.
  • Awards won by the company.
  • The employer's corporate social responsibility.
  • The work location, commute and parking details.
When you provide all this information, you are making it possible to market not just the job itself, but the opportunity and the benefits of working for your company. 
If you are concerned that your candidate attraction efforts are suffering due to a poorly communicated employee value proposition, get in touch with Marketing at C&D Group.

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