CV essentials for the professional

Curriculum vitae (CV) essentials for modern professionals in 2018

 17 Jan 2018

Easy to neglect in the face of all the other pressures career professionals experience, your CV is an essential tool that needs to be updated on a regular basis. Think of the time taken to do this as an essential investment, because without an updated and polished CV, you are going to be hard-pressed to compete for those exceptional roles that come along only periodically.
Writing and sharpening your CV for 2018
Your profile should make an impact and draw attention to your experience and skills This is your value statement.
Your achievements should list the impact of your professional expertise on your current and previous roles.
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Your skills should remain pertinent to the role you are applying for.  You may have additional expertise, but unless it is relevant, skip it.
Your experience should be written to best illustrate the value you offer the hiring company and bring to the role.
Your employment history should be listed from most recent to earliest and include, with explanations, any gaps in your employment record.
Your CV should be professionally written, spell-checked and grammatically correct.  Use the same size font throughout and justify all text evenly between margins with the appropriate MS Word tool.  There is no limit to the number of pages provided all information included is relevant to the position applied for.
Avoid centered text, text boxes, columns and similar special effects.  Upload your CV in MS Word format so that is compatible with applicant tracking systems used widely in HR and recruitment.
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In conclusion, once you have updated your CV and are ready to submit it for earmarked positions in your profession, you may also wish to use the text from your CV in your professional social media profile on LinkedIn or your platform of choice.
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Excellent advice in this article. Here's a suggestion for a future article. How to substitute lack of work experience or large gaps with transferable skills gained from life. This is particularly relevant for parents seeking to return to the workplace. Great work.
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