Boost Sales Growth by Hiring Top Talent

Hiring top talent
Your sales growth acceleration plan is in place and your team’s performance has peaked.  Adding the right people at the right time to your team is essential to maintain your sales growth momentum.  Identifying and securing the best talent for the role can be challenging.  The following indispensable guide will assist you to boost sales growth through keen hiring tactics.
Start with a Detailed Job Description
Describing the job and its challenges and opportunities give both the hiring manager and prospective candidates a clear insight into the role.  Is this a lead generation or sales closing vacancy?  What KPI’s will be used to measure performance?  Equally important is building a better understanding of the personality type and career background of the person that will make a real go of the role.  Matching your department’s hiring requirement to prospective candidates is a good first step and can be achieved with a comprehensive job description.
Where to Begin Finding Staff
  • Internal:  Look within the organisation for staff that want to multi-skill, move laterally or up the career ladder.  They already fit into your company culture and the move may be the perfect opportunity for them to hit the ground running due to their extensive insider knowledge of the business and clients. 
  • Employee Referrals:  Your own employees make the best brand managers.  Leverage their knowledge of the company values and their social networks by asking them to refer candidates of a known quantity.
  • Networking:  You and the company will have a large circle of contacts including; clients, suppliers, colleagues and social contacts.  Tap into this source for leads as it has real potential to deliver what you need quickly and for little if any cost.
  • Professional Bodies:  If your business is a member or affiliate of a professional or trade organisation, get in touch with the relevant body as they may have options to match hiring managers with candidates in that profession or trade.
  • Online Job Boards:  Despite the fall in popularity and effectiveness of job boards (national and specialist) in the last 24 months, these do still offer an opportunity to reach your target audience and find suitable talented employees.
  • Specialist Head-Hunters:  For very specialist roles, retaining a specialist head-hunter to approach and negotiate with high calibre individuals on your behalf.  Upfront, this may appear costly, however, when weighed against an unfilled role of strategic value, the investment can be viewed as an investment.
  • Recruitment Businesses:  Recruitment businesses cover every sector of employment and are paid on a success-only basis.  If choosing this route, select an agency that is a certified member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and if necessary has a Gangmasters License (GLA).

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